Enjoy Bouncy Castles and Games in the Peterborough Area

Choose from specific themes or classic good times from our assortment of bouncy castles, combo options, obstacle courses, inflatable slides and completive games! Pick-up rentals start at just $150 per day. FREE local delivery including set-up and take-down, 1/2 price concession machine rental with inflatable rental*, multi-inflatable discounts***. Delivery rates outside of Peterborough may apply.

The Forty-Footer

The 40-footer

Enjoy this two-at-a-time raceway obstacle course and rush into fun and adventure. Or just pal around between climbing walls and slides. With the best of both worlds possible, the choice is yours in this fully enclosed obstacle course.

The Seventy-Footer

The 70-footer

First fight your way through a high-density obstacle course and then climb to the next level. Also, check the view from the second story of this huge course before sliding down. This inflatable is available for public shows and in sectionals.

The Hundred-Footer

The 100-footer

First, it's a high-density obstacle course. Then a mountain to climb and then down you go into another high-density obstacle course. Can you handle the gauntlet! Available in sectionals.

The Pink Princess

The Pink Princess

Who doesn’t love castles and tea parties? Enjoy a fairyland adventure in the realm of the Pink Princess. This large bouncy castle has a fun slide and is available for public shows.

The Brave Knight

The Brave Knight

Let your young, brave knights fight the dragons, rescue maidens and save their kingdom. Our large bouncy castle features a fun slide, perfect for your adventurous knight. It is available for public shows and has two fans and outlets.



You can now relive the pulse-pounding action from the popular Disney Pixar movie “Cars” with your favorite characters in our fun and fast bouncy castle. It has one fan and an outlet. Enjoy your day in this fabulous castle.

disney princes

Disney Princesses

Come along with: Bell, Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella and other classic princesses for a dream-like fantasy. Live happily ever after in a world of wonder and amazement.


Disney 5 in 1

Meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Tiger, Piglet, Hello Kitty and others in our Disney 5 in 1 castle. Available for public shows.

Spider Man


Young heroes needed to fight for justice as they jump around with the legendary Spiderman. Our large Spiderman-themed bouncy house with a slide is available for public shows.


The Incredible

Pixar's modern classic comes to life in your backyard. Fully enclosed and available for pick-up.

Knights Castle

The Funny Fort

Fully enclosed bouncy fort guarded by retro soldiers. Travel back in time and unwind. Available for pick-up.

Fun Land


Rent our square-bodied obstacle course for maximum fun. It surrounds a central slide and is available for public shows.

Knights Castle


Our knight-themed castle would be perfect for your young squire to fight dragons. The fully enclosed inflatable is available for pick-up.

Princess Bed

Princess Bed

This oversized inflatable pink pad surrounded by shallow walls is perfect for moms and dads to help bouncers with limited mobility. Available for pick-up.

Space Saver

Space Saver

The Space Saver is a fully enclosed, compact and economic model that’s great for smaller children. Available for pick-up.

Our Prices

Please find below a brief overview of our residential and public* event rental prices.


(Public* is anything Non-Private Residential.)


Prices do not include taxes.


Ask about our Pick-Up specials:
Inflatables starting at $150 per day
Tube-Man starting at $75 per day with variable discounted rates for certain medium to long-term rentals.


$275 Public*

Castle with Slide

$300 Public*

Castle with Slide and Concession Machine

+20 Free Servings
$325 Public*


Gladiator-style Jousting
$275 Public*

Mini-Hoops Basketball
$200 Public*

Pitchbursts® (Dunk Tank Alternative)

$225 Public*

Sumo Wrestling Suits

$325 Public*

Obstacle Courses

The 40- Footer

The 70-Footer

30’ of 70 Footer (Obstacle section)

Slide of The 70-Footer

The 100-Footer

30’ of 100-Footer (Obstacle section)

Slide of the 100 Footer

Price for Private Event








Price for Public Event

$300 Public*

$1350 Public*

$400 Public*

$1100 Public*

Give us a call to rent any of our bouncer castles.

Dreaming about Being a Gladiator?

Reign supreme and make your name immortal by jousting.

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